Sorry For my Abcent..

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Sorry For my Abcent..  Empty Sorry For my Abcent..

Message  Guest le Mar 5 Mar - 15:57

Hello everyone it's me Sol_caecis... I would like to tell you guys that I will not be able to go playing this game for........I think 2 or 3 month is because some problem happen to my computer... I wish to play with you gaiz but sadly I can't. Hopefully I can fix this problem so that I can play and meet with all of you my brother..

Long live Biscuiteer.


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Sorry For my Abcent..  Empty Re: Sorry For my Abcent..

Message  BlackheartZ le Mar 5 Mar - 16:00

Alright mate do as you can , ill make you Moderator so you'll have a more important role here and you'll help to do stuff here ^^

Keep Courage!!

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